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Comment Posted by trashtalker Aug 29, 2012 01:17 PM

Who is the Best Qb and Wr? Who has the best offensive Line? Who is the best defensive rusher? Who is the Best Safety?

Comment Posted by green25 Aug 30, 2012 01:34 AM

Wow have alot of free time on your hands. Need to get a girl or a dog...or both.

Comment Posted by trashtalker Aug 30, 2012 01:25 PM

See the difference I love the game and i'm looking for better opponents!!! So me having a Woman cause Im a grown man has nothing to do with it. Now you ,you need to be rolling over to some brest in the A.m and not to your computer at 6:30 in the morning. Or do I put that much fear in you already damn i havent even touch "YALL" field yet!!!Green #25 What Position you play are you only the cheerleader or ball boy?

Comment Posted by green25 Aug 31, 2012 07:50 AM

Okay man...your 5 minutes is up so this is the last post I'm making. First of's "breasts" not "brest". If the stereotype that football players are dumb holds true, you fit right in. Second, I get up in the morning to go to "work". That's W-O-R-K in case you didn't know. And finally, you scare me about as much as your sister. You are entertaining though. Good for a quick laugh if nothing else, I'll give you that. Now it's back to more important things...

Comment Posted by trashtalker Aug 31, 2012 04:33 PM

Thanks for correcting my typing error #25! Sorry but the sterotype doesnt fit me. Now you stated I dont scare you, so why you couldnt state what position you played???? Its ok because like this league its very becoming of you! Bunch of scared ass players who dont even seem like their interested!!! GO check out Hartford Forums or Windors or Stafford Springs Or Waterbury everyone has something to say. Now I'll be back next week hopefully the church mice wake up!!!

Comment Posted by jdibeneditto Sep 01, 2012 06:00 AM

yea you know the difference between the forums. This is the only one that you need to state your name. other ones it is anonymous. you know people talk more when they can hide just a fact.

Comment Posted by mhebs Sep 01, 2012 10:53 AM

So Danny Boy Here is the deal....Hartford league is a good league. My team plays in it in the spring but it really is a different game. 9 on 9 blocking down field is totally different. So to compare this league to that is tough to do. In comparison to other leagues that are similar to ours in rules I feel we got the best talent around. If you are looking for a league that is juicy with sub plots and people on the site talking shit, well if we are not dramatic enough for you sorry. I will say this, I know this league well, it is early. Give it time and shit will heat up, it does every year. The buzz is at an all time low but it will come around.

As for the talent, because that's what really matters, the teams at the top are as follows and in no order and with my explanation and history of them.

black and Red team-Bearcats: This is my team. The game you saw was us against white the second game last week. I was the old hurt bum on the sidelines in a yellow ray allen sonics jersey. Don't get it twisted I do play just had a hurt hammy. Yes Dan, I am old, your point is taken. My team won it last year. There is a long history of winning in the franchise but that will be effl 102, not for now. Sick receivers, d-rush is our calling card.

Blue Team-POW: This team has won it all a few years back. They picked up a great qb in this league and put the old qb at receiver which makes them that much better. They have probably one of the best receivers in the league in the white blonde kid. He sure doesn't look like much but then boom he leaves you like a statue. This team also touts the biggest and in many peoples oppinions, the best o-line in the league.

Black and Yellow-Second String: Green25 plays on this team. The reason why he is green25 is because they use to wear green jerseys. For some retarded reason they got "black jersey envy" and decided to try and jack my teams swag by choosing to wear black. Dan don't you think that is lame?...I digress... This team is one of our biggest rivals and it prides me to report that we smacked em up in the superbowl last year. Don't get it twisted they are very talented with speed all over the field. This team is based around the big play and their speed. A defensive coordinator's goal should be to just try and contain them. QB can pass but he is a run first guy. They won it two years ago.

Yellow-Body by design: This team kind of sleep walks through the season but they been around forever and they always turn it on come playoff time. This team has athletes but is based around their smarts. There qb will beat you in many ways (What up shea). Defense is disciplined and they are experienced. When the game matters they always come to play. They won it a few years back.

Those were the top four teams last year but this year Quite storm (maroon) and swarm (gold) are teams on the rise. Quite storm bumped off yellow just last weak. Both those teams are ready to make moves this year to the top tier of the league.

If you noticed Dan all top teams have won it. The funny thing is we all pretty much have the same core guys playing on all our teams. A tweak here or there but the identities are the same. So that means based on the fact that in the last four years one of the top four have won it every year says something about the competition in the league.

So all in all dude my point of this is you wanted to know about the league well there you go. I will stand behind this league in talent against ANY league that is not a "downfield blocking" league in the northern ct and southern mass. I have seen teams join this league countless times and NO team ever came in this league and dominated. Never happened nor will it ever. Most teams honestly get the piss kicked out of them. Like I said in a post before, where do you play?

Comment Posted by mhebs Sep 01, 2012 11:05 AM

ps:trashtalker you said "this league is a bunch of scared ass players". What the fuck are we scared of? How can we be scared we don't even know who you are or what team you are on to be scared of. Remember this is because you hide that. Whats your name and team name?...pause...bueler...bueler....oh what you scared?

Comment Posted by Gelso24 Sep 04, 2012 06:14 AM

Oh Herbert, it's cute how much you like to talk about us and take your little jabs. You seem to be very upset about our jerseys... are you jealous that our black jerseys are better than yours? I'll have an authentic one made up for you that you can wear on the sidelines. And come Sept. 30 when we square off don't worry, we'll have our alternate jerseys for ya. Also, for your breakdown above you forgot to point out your teams biggest weakness... MIDDLE LINEBACKER

As for "Green25"... I can assure you he is not on our team. And for trashtalker, until you introduce yourself and your team it's a waste of time talking to you.. my bet is you don't have a team and don't even know how to play football

Comment Posted by Bearcats21 Sep 04, 2012 09:19 AM

Hebert plays Safety...Jubrey is our linebacker.

By the way...I got those 2 picks i told you i'd get last week haha. Make sure your brother throws the ball at the 2 slow safetys for the Bearcats when you play us...they suck.

Comment Posted by trashtalker Sep 05, 2012 06:56 PM

#24 your absolutely right I dont know how to play Football I only know how to destroy bums!!! I seen you get burnt last week (I was watching)!!!! But pay me no mind my team and I will show and prove if I "DANNY" feel fit to enter into the league. As of now I only see 3 teams worth playing out of 8!!

Comment Posted by Gelso24 Sep 06, 2012 04:50 AM

ok trashtalker... so if you "seen me get burnt last week" I'm assuming you also saw the 4 touchdowns I scored as well? So I gave up 6 points and scored 28... I think I'd take the +22 everyday of the week. stop kidding yourself, your team (if you even have one to being with which again, I doubt) would get rolled by the majority of this league... that's why your bum ass is sitting on the sidelines. you should be a man and introduce yourself this Sunday, we play at 11:30... when I see who you are I'll give you an estimate of what the margin would be if we played "your team". I can tell you now the range for that number would be between 30-60 points.


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